The most common time to schedule a vasectomy is during March Madness and The Masters. But what do you do during a nationwide quarantine?

If needed, you can get a doctor’s note and prescription for 3 days of Netflix.

For whatever reason, spring is a very popular time for vasectomies. It’s coincidentally a time of some of the biggest sporting events as well. Often the 2 get correlated and we joke that vasectomies are simply the strategy men use to be able to watch multiple days of sports uninterrupted.

But in reality, a vasectomy, while being a simple 20-30 minute procedure, is an important men’s health and family planning procedure that may still be one to be made during coronavirus quarantine. 

Many physicians have made arrangements and have taken precautions in order to best protect patients from airborne illnesses like flu or coronavirus, and have continued to perform some procedures during this time. MS Urology has continued to allow minor procedures like vasectomy during this time. 

About The Procedure Itself

A vasectomy is considered minor outpatient surgery done in an office setting. The ultimate purpose of the procedure is to sever and seal off the vas deferens, the tube that moves semen into the urethra during ejaculation. Once severed and sealed, sperm can no longer pass and pregnancy becomes prevented. There shouldn’t be any change to sex drive or performance. It is considered a permanent solution, though there are procedures that may be able to reverse it. It is a very safe and reliable form of birth control.

About The Recovery 

It’s usually suggested to wear tight-fitting underwear to minimize swelling and reduce any pain or tension. Any pain or swelling should only last a few days and should be appropriately handled with over-the-counter pain killers, although your doctor can prescribe a small supply of pain medication as well. 

You’ll be asked to shower before you come in for your scheduled vasectomy and then wait 24 hours after the surgery before showering again. Gently using soap and water will help keep the surgical site free from infection. You’ll want to avoid a bath or swimming for three to five days after your vasectomy. 

Rest is the most important part of your recovery. For the first 48 hours after your vasectomy, you’ll need to avoid any work or strenuous activity. By day three, you may be able to do some light work, but heavy lifting, sports, and sex need to wait until five to seven days post-surgery. 

Appointments and Scheduling

It’s advisable if you’re considering a vasectomy, to first schedule a TeleHealth appointment to determine the best course of action. There may be up to 30% more vasectomies during the spring in an average week. April may be the perfect time for you to schedule your vasectomy at MS Urology Clinic.