1. In the morning before your vasectomy, you will need to shave your scrotal area concentrating towards the base of the penis.
  2. Bring or wear loose fitting slacks or sweatpants.
  3. You may have a light breakfast the day of your procedure and may take any medications with sips of water.
  4. You may be receiving a sedative during the procedure. It is absolutely necessary that you have someone present at the time the procedure starts to drive you home. If you are unable to have someone with you, we will need to reschedule the procedure when you can have someone available.
  5. Please bring a scrotal support (jock strap) with you as it will be necessary to wear this immediately after the procedure.
  6. If you should have any questions concerning the procedure or the preparation for it, please feel free to call 601-353-9903.
  7. Do no take aspirin/aspirin containing products/ibuprofen/Naprosyn, etc. for at least 10 days before the procedure.