Mississippi Urology Clinic is implementing a parking lot waiting room. 

At Mississippi Urology Clinic and Surgery Center, our patients’ health and safety are our top priority. To promote the safety and well-being of our patients we are implementing parking lot waiting room. This should provide the opportunity to limit time and contact within the Colonnades building and our clinic. 

The in car waiting room was designed to practice social distancing and limit in person contact.  


When a patient arrives at the clinic, they will be instructed to call our office at 601-985- 3172 or 601-985-3161 to notify us that they have arrived in the parking area. 

If the patient’s exam room is sanitized and available on their arrival to the parking area, they will be instructed to proceed to our clinic at Colonnades, Suite 301. If an exam room is not available, the patient would be instructed to wait in their vehicle until a room is sanitized and available. The clinic will then call the patient and instruct them to proceed to our clinic at Colonnades, Suite 301. 

If you have questions while waiting, please call our office staff at 601-985-3172 or 601- 985-3161.

Upon your first appointment with Mississippi Urology Clinic, PLLC you are required to bring the following: 

  1. Your insurance card. 
  2. A valid picture I.D. 
  3. Physician referral forms if required by insurance. 
  4. A list of current prescriptions and/or over-the-counter medications you are taking, including dose and frequency. 
  5. Pertinent information about your medical and surgical history. 
  6. Any recent x-rays or appropriate records you may have.

Please come into the office 10-15 minutes early so we are able to copy your insurance card(s) and verify the information you provided. And fill out any additional forms.